You’ll Never Guess Who Plays Ragdoll on The Flash!

Did you know that the actor who plays Ragdoll on The Flash is also a veterinarian That’s right, Joey Carroll, who plays the unhinged villain on the hit CW show, is also a licensed veterinarian in real life. Carroll graduated from the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine in 2011 and has worked as a veterinarian ever since. He got his start in acting while in veterinary school, appearing in a number of student films and plays. After graduating, Carroll continued to pursue his acting career while also working as a veterinarian. He landed the role of Ragdoll on The Flash in 2017 and has been a series regular ever since.

Who Plays Ragdoll in The Flash?

Ragdoll’s Real Name

Ragdoll’s real name is Mary Elizabeth Beth Kane. She is the twin sister of Kate Kane, a.k.a. Batwoman.

Ragdoll’s Powers

Ragdoll has the ability to contort her body into any shape she desires. She can also stretch her limbs to great lengths and use them as weapons.

Ragdoll’s Origin Story

Beth Kane was born into a wealthy family in Gotham City. She and her sister Kate were inseparable as children, but their relationship began to deteriorate as they got older. Beth felt like she was always in Kate’s shadow, and she began to resent her sister.

When Beth was 18 years old, she was kidnapped by the League of Assassins. The League subjected her to a series of experiments that gave her the ability to contort her body. They also brainwashed her into becoming a loyal assassin.

Beth eventually escaped from the League and returned to Gotham City. She adopted the name Ragdoll and began working as a mercenary. She used her powers to commit crimes and terrorize the city.

Ragdoll’s Role in The Flash

Ragdoll first appeared in the third season of The Flash. She was hired by Clifford DeVoe to kill Barry Allen. Ragdoll attacked Barry and his friends several times, but she was always defeated.

In the fourth season, Ragdoll was captured by Team Flash and imprisoned in Iron Heights. She eventually escaped from prison and joined the Legion of Doom. She helped the Legion to defeat Team Flash, but she was eventually defeated by Barry Allen.

Ragdoll’s Fate

Ragdoll’s fate is currently unknown. She was last seen being taken away by the authorities after the defeat of the Legion of Doom. It is possible that she will return in a future season of The Flash.

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